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Early childhood education in Ngaglik Sleman’s Inclusive School is active, fit and interesting

IndoGym is a movement program for children aged twelve years and under that is based on gymnastics. It is safe, stimulating and provides endless movement opportunities for each child to play and learn.

Through integrating movement, music and equipment into fun gymnastics-based activities, our IndoGym programs encourage children to explore, learn and grow in a safe, structured environment. Our age appropriate programs support children to develop the first basic skills in gymnastics: Landings, Statics, Locomotions, Spring, Rotation and Swing.

IndoGym assists and promotes the holistic development of skills and knowledge recommended by educational theorists for young children. Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring their environment and discovering their abilities through physical activity.

Through IndoGym, children will experience a wide range of movement activities and be encouraged to think, create, and build skills and knowledge, while solving problems with their own minds and bodies. The program assists children in physical and cognitive development and co-ordination, confidence and self-esteem.

We encourage parents to accompanying their child throughout each session to support their learning and have fun together. Currently only available in special sessions.

Early childhood education based

In mid 2011, we saw a growing need for a formal program of physical activity for the children to promote their physical development in conjunction with their mental, emotional and social development. Our principal consultant, Dr Margaret Shore, suggested the philosophies of Kindergym Australia aligned and supported our philosophy - and, after much work, IndoGym was born! 

Developing community sport is a new focus of Australian international aid programs as sports activities are seen as a way of developing future relationships between countries as well as the already recognised benefits of sports in the development of concerned and caring citizens.

In late 2011, the Tunas Cerdas Gemilang Foundation applied for, and was fortunate to be awarded, a grant from the Australian Goverment's Australian Sports Commission to setup the first early childhood based gymnastics program in Indonesia in partnership with Kindergym Victoria, Australia. The Kindergym program has been adapted to create IndoGym as a program that assists Indonesian children develop gross and fine motor skills in coordination with thinking, planning, adapting and problem solving skills.

In February 2012, the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr Greg Moriarty, visited SekolahkuMySchool to launch IndoGym's first program - a 10 week program for 100 girls and 25 children with special needs from the local community. This program commenced on 5 March 2012. 

Culturally relevant program

In searching for a program that would complement our philosophy, we embraced the philosophy of Kindergym Australia that:
  • Positive movement experiences during early childhood can influence a child’s outlook on physical activity for life.
  • It is possible to assist in the development of the whole child by providing an environment where the child may creatively explore and practise skills safely in order to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • The provision of a fun environment in which a child and caregiver may play together provides worthwhile learning experiences.
The team is documenting this unique program. This guide will be full of practical activities and advice. As part of collaborating with the community and transferring our skills, this guide will be available to other teachers to implement programs within their community. To accompany the guide, we are developing recommended equipment listings, advice on local suppliers, and lists of items that can be locally sourced. We are also assessing the feasibility of offering specialised equipment packages for purchase.

Specialised teachers and equipmen

Our IndoGym team is trained to Australia's Kindergym requirements. Our team leaders are professional early childhood educators as are most of our IndoGym team.

All our equipment is new, fit-for-purpose and chosen specifically to meet the needs of the children.
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