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Centre for Child Education

Enjoy a Ngaglik Sleman education in our:
  • Play Group, Kindergarten, and Classes 1 – 6
  • Library
  • IndoGym
  • Training and Research Unit


Integration with the built and natural environment, and respect for nature is a core part of our philosophy and our programs. Children are encouraged to participate in gardening, fishing, observing nature, etc. Our class work often involves nature. Our indoor and outdoor activities encourage each child to explore their five senses through combining music and movement with everyday experiences. All activities are age appropriate, and challenging yet safe.

Specific emphases guide the development of our programs and activities:

Personal Development

  • Anti-bullying and teasing program
  • Living values (universal humanity)
  • Children's Parliament (learning democracy)
Personal Development

  • Working together within the school and community
  • Learning about and participating in the world
  • Environmental education
  • Brain Gym daily activities
Focused Development

Gifted and Talented programs

Integrated special needs programs

Physical abilities and skills (IndoGym)
  • Regular reports on progress and achievements are made by the teachers to the parents through mechanisms such as one-on-one meetings and formal written reports.

Positive learning environment

Classes are age based. Assignment to initial classes is based on the current age of the child which indicates a level of ability. Assessment at the end of each term will determine which level of class the child will enter the following term. Class capacity is limited. All teachers make their session plans and activities according to the strengths and developmental needs of each child. Making classroom rules together ensures the children and the teachers develop their classrooms into effective learning environments. Every child is helped by the teacher to understand and help care for other children in their environment. Society’s expectations of politeness and protocols are integrated into all activities. Taking turns, asking permission, saying ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’, and being aware of others are part of each child’s daily routine.

Age group and Ratio of teacher to children

Under 3 years old 1:4

3 to 4 years old 1:6

5 to 6 years old 1:7

Above 6 years old 1:15

Specialist, professional teachers

Our SekolahkuMySchool team are trained in designing and delivering educational activities based on our philosophy. Our team members are professional educators drawn from a variety of disciplines (including Education, Psychology, English), currently studying early childhood education, or work with children everyday.

Extensive in-service training of each teacher is complemented by in-house expertise and visiting consultants in a variety of disciplines.

Children are under the supervision and care of experienced teachers inside and outside of the classroom.

Specialist facilities, resources and purpose-designed equipment

Our school environment is safe and healthy for every child. The facilities are clean and hygienic, and the equipment is safe.

All of our facilities are either purpose-built as a school or specifically adapted for our use. Our two campus' are near each other and between them have many diverse facilities including:
  • Classrooms and offices
  • Library
  • Playgrounds - garden, sandpits, climbing gym
  • Sports area
  • Vegetable and fruit garden
  • Commercial sized fish ponds
  • Field for growing produce
Specialist, purpose-designed equipment is accompanied by everyday toys and tools promote exploration and development.

Each class session is group based and covers different activities using facilities and equipment that are age appropriate.

Extensive resources specifically targeting the needs of the children include:
  • Educational toys, tools, and resources - many based on international best practice
  • On-line (Internet based) Mathematics tuition
  • Extensive library services through Natsuko library
  • Access to Internet services
Teachers also research and use other resources for specific activities. This includes recycling newspapers, cardboard, paper, and other 'waste' materials to expand the child's flexibility, creativity and ability to 'think outside the box'.

Class Structure

Our class structure provides a supportive, age appropriate environment for each child.

Pre-school classes

Our pre-school classes are for children aged between 1 and 4 years. To provide an age appropriate environment, there are 3 levels (based on age).

Age group (years) Class 

1  to  2.5 Sadewo

2.5  to  3.5 Nakulo

3.5  to  4.5 Arjuno

Kindergarten classes

Our kindergarten classes are for children aged between 4 and 7 years. To provide an age appropriate environment, there are 2 levels (based on age).

Age group (years) Class 

4 to 5.5     Bimo

5.5 to 7     Puntodewo

Elementary classes

Our elementary classes are for children aged between 6.5 and 12 years. To provide an age appropriate environment, there are 6 levels (based on age).

Age group (years)      Class

6 to 7                            Seruma 1

7 to 8                            Seruma 2

8 to 9                            Seruma 3

9 to 10                           Seruma 4

10 to 11                           Seruma 5

11 to 12                           Seruma 6

For more information on our classes and the curriculum, please click here

Extra-curricular activities

Our class structure provides a supportive, age appropriate environment for each child.


Mathletics is an Australian-based mathematics learning software program accessed through the Internet. It teaches mathematics in a fun way that is easily understood by children as it is about playing and games. It is self-paced and there are regular assessment points to track progress and test learning.

Mathletics is available to students aged 5 years and above. Children will undertake Mathletics during class-time for 2 hours a week. Each child who enrols receives a personal ID and password which allows them to do it anywhere - such as at home accompanied by a parent!

English language

English class uses games and fun activities for children to learning English. This helps children more quickly understand in a fun way, and adds lots of everyday English to their vocabula

Evaluation and assessment

Regular evaluation and assessment allows teachers and parents to form a common understanding about the child and their individual progress, and to communicate effectively about future areas of focus.

A report on each child's capabilities, progress and recommendations for their future development is made at the end of each term.


Through integrating movement, music and equipment into fun gymnastics-based activities, our new IndoGym programs encourage children to explore, learn and grow in a safe, structured environment.

For more information on the evaluation and assessment process, please click here.
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