Training and Research

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Training and Research

Specialist Early Childhood Trainers and Researchers in Ngaglik Sleman's Inclusive School

Our training is delivered through interactive workshop-information sessions where our experienced teachers and trainers share their knowledge and successful experiences relating these to your issues and the latest available research from Indonesia and overseas.

Participants bring along their own case studies and experiences and share them with a small group of peers experiencing similar problems and later in a large group situation. These actual cases are collated into similar problems by our experienced staff and followed by joint discussions and recommendations of the best approaches to bring the teaching learning result desired.

Our training:

  • helps solve real problems in real classrooms
  • is based on many years of research and experience
  • provides practical, useful and specifically focused strategies and tactics
  • is offered for the generalist teacher

Our trainers:

  • are specialists and knowledgeable about different age and developmental levels              
  • are practitioners or assisting practitioners in classrooms each day          
  • know the real problems facing real teachers
  • they are responsive, receptive and caring, and help find the right solution for you            
  • have worked extensively in Indonesia and overseas in many different settings.

Our qualifications:

  • have been gained over years of practical work in quality early childhood settings              
  • incorporate academic and educational qualifications from leading international and national universities 
  • have been acquired through 16 years of PAUD training throughout Indonesia

Our areas of focus are:

  • Inclusive Education
  • Enquiry Based Learning
  • Combating Bullying
  • IndoGym
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